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Overpack Drums and Overpack Salvage Drums are also known as Recovery Drums come in various sizes ranging from 5 gallons to 110 gallons. Salvage Drums and Overpack Drums can be used for the following applications: overpacking of damaged or leaking drums and containers, collection and transport of soiled sorbents, clean-up of contaminated sites, emergency response, direct containment and transport of hazardous solids, and can be used as spill kits.

Overpack and Salvage Drums are perfect for shipping leaky 55-gallon steel or poly drums. It's also great as a safeguard against drums that can rupture during transport.
  • Overpack and Salvage drums with a rating of an X-rated, meets packaging groups I, II and III.
  • 85 and 95 Gallon Overpack Drums assist you in complying with 49 CFR173.3 (c). DOT requires salvage drums to meet specs for shipping containers.

When you are looking to purchase overpack or salvage drums you will need to have answers to a few questions ready first. You will be asked if the overpack or salve drums that you are looking for is for a hazardous or flammable product, new or reconditioned, what size you are looking for, whether you are looking for steel or plastic and the quantity of overpack and salvage drums that you are looking for.

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